Covid-19 update

Sadly, we are announcing that Red Onion will not open for winter 2020. After speaking with all this winter's booked guests, we have taken this very difficult decision in what we believe is in the best interests of all.

With many of our guests unable or unwilling to travel at this time, most have opted to transfer their bookings and deposits to season 2021, and they have all been graciously understanding and supportive of our decision to remain closed this year.

Guests who have chosen to cancel their booking have received a full refund.

After our many decades of providing guest accommodation at Falls Creek, we have certainly never experienced a situation such as we do today. But… there is a first for everything.

We do not feel, under the current circumstances, that we can provide our guests with the type of holiday at our “home in the snow” that we would like, and that they have come to enjoy over many years.

On our part, our rates for 2021 will NOT increase, and, taking into account that some weeks for 2021 have already been booked by guests transferring, we have decided to open our bookings for 2021 from now.

So, please check the information on our rates page, and start planning now for a more settled 2021.

A wise old scribe once said “and this too shall pass away”… and we can only but agree!

George and Di

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